Attire Care Denim Spray

Attire Care Denim Spray

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Denim Spray is a perfectly balanced formula made with odour control technology and selected antibacterial agents. This product is specially designed to neutralise odours, eliminating any bad bacteria off the surface area of the denim being treated.


Attirecare’s high spec denim spray has been specially designed to be used on denim products. The perfect product to refresh denim items on the go giving you an alternative to washing.


This product will, in turn, prolong the distance between washes, whilst not damaging any of the cotton fibres in the process. In fact, only strengthen allowing your denim to last longer without unnecessarily washing and maintain a naturally worn-in look we all love.


To use: 


1. Shake well before use

2. Spray evenly onto the denim that is to be treated inside and out. 

3. Leave until completely dry.