About Us

Lanigan & Hulme is the combination of over 40 years experience in retail, fashion and customer service coming together to create a new level of retail experience, one Manchester finally deserves!

Our aim is to introduce and re-introduce the best in premium Menswear brands to the city centre, catering for those who are sartorially minded with a love of the finest in quality materials and manufacturing.

Britain has created some of the world’s greatest and most well-known brands in the world and Lanigan & Hulme display a fantastic array of them, which is one thing that we look to with supreme pride! Innovation is undoubtedly one of the best qualities that Britain possesses and, equally, heritage and tradition are at the core of what these brands always manage to work with and showcase, season upon season.

Lanigan & Hulme's Manchester store is within the Royal Exchange Arcade, part of the Royal Exchange, which has a great history itself and houses the famous award winning Royal Exchange Theatre. We have created a one stop shop space, which is just as social as it is functional for purchasing your favourite clothing, footwear and accessories. You are able to visit, have a drink, relax and spend time making those all important decisions, hopefully learning about new and future favourite brands at the same time. You can also be forever safe in the knowledge that you are being guided and advised by an experienced peer who is just as passionate about style and quality as you are. 


Mr Hulme and Mr Lanigan have been working within retail, customer service and fashion for many years, with Mr Lanigan actually working for most of the brands we are representing at some point in his career, including running the flagship Hackett store on Regents street in London. This means we have solid and established working relationships with our brands from the outset, which ensures we can provide the utmost level of service and product knowledge through our network of industry contacts.

Being avid local men's fashion consumers ourselves, over the years we became frustrated at the lack of independent quality Menswear options within the city centre that represented the great British heritage brands that we loved. Our only real accessible channels were online, in other cities, or in the larger soulless department stores which didn't give us the full shopping experience or service we wanted or as male customers deserved. We decided if no one else was going to do it then why not do it ourselves! We then came up with the initial L&H concept to create a space that would give others ultimately what we were wanting ourselves, and share our years of experience and expertise at the same time. Highly curated and designed solely with image conscious and quality concerned men in mind, L&H stocks genuine merchandise that's made to last both in style and durability.

We are hoping you love our space as much as we do, come in grab a cold beer or a coffee and have a chat, you may just end up leaving with some top quality products at the same time. We can tailor any item to your specific size or desire usually on the same day ready for that all important night out! 

Hopefully see you in the store soon!

Neil & Phil